JGMS employees enjoying games at a birthday lunch.

Key personnel within the JGMS organization have extensive experience in a variety of specialized federal program management, engineering, operations, maintenance, and safety and security services.

JGMS is uniquely qualified to provide these services due to our knowledge of complex federal agency regulations which stems from managing and implementing facility programs for the National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA) and for the Department of Defense (DoD), and as former federal employees who defined the requirements for implementation.

This in-depth understanding of federal operational systems allows JGMS to “hit the ground running” in both understanding and implementing the client’s program and process requirements. Listed below are some of our experienced staff:

  • Jerome Gonzales – President/CEO
  • Ray Plieness – Chief Operations Officer
  • Don Sanchez – Executive Support
  • Nick Aranda – Asset Infrastructure/Environmental Management Division Manager
  • Christine Saiz – Professional Support Services Division Manager
  • Buddy Garland – Sales and Marketing Director
  • Jeni Brown – Business Operations Division Manager
  • Siokey Gastelum-Galvez – Business and Proposal Development Division Manager
  • Bret Mixon – Human Resources Manager
  • Deborah Fleming – Senior Project Manager