Defined as “The activity of protecting and being responsible for something,” this Cardinal Point underscores our focus on the responsibility for personal, business, and community development through the use of community service and professional development hours. We understand our individual actions affect the performance of JGMS. Reflected as both a value and a practice, five […]


JGMS employees are leaders in our communities and workplaces. The author James C. Hunter asserted, “Leadership is the skill of influencing people to work enthusiastically toward goals identified as being for the common good, with character.” We strive to find and develop our workforce to embody this skill so our infrastructure influences change. We continually […]


Integrity is a personal choice, an uncompromising and predictably consistent conducting of business and acts of service with apt character. The decision to do that which is morally right is our constant theme when undertaking all our endeavors.


As an employee owned business, every employee has a stake in the future of JGMS. Our promise is to promise, then perform. As Admiral Hyman Rickover stated: “When doing a job—any job—one must feel that he owns it, and act as though he will remain in that job forever.” JGMS provides such constancy.